The traditional “house of slaughter” without a doubt belongs to the culinary heritage of the Vogelsberg. The battle festivals used to be not only the occasion to the dining chambers to fill, but also have always been a reason for the coming Together of family, friends and the village community. While the butcher with a lot of love and a specialist liver-, blood – and Sausage as well as the rind stomach the taste of the guests the time with Tell, Laugh, Sing, and Drink to feast on fresh meat from the boiler. All of this has changed in recent years due to greatly increased hygienic requirements, and there are only a few of the house of slaughter.

The VHC-industry Association Ulrich Stein holds firmly in this Tradition. Not with a “house of slaughter” as before, but with a slaughter-fest in the VHC club house “customs house”.

Tasty meat sausages, meat and meatballs, paired with potatoes, Sauerkraut and sea sauce, horseradish, and a hearty sausage soup with bread crumbs were served to the Hungry on Saturday evening. In addition to the good food, the community, of course, festive get-togethers at the forefront. Many a joke and anecdote was given this evening to the Best. With thanks to the helpers on the evening, with the hope that next year there will be at least as good. (gr)

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