Ultimatum who as trump hides his downfall in the fight with COVID, blaming others

the United States out of the world health organization and will not give her a penny. It follows from the announced ultimatum from the President trump the Ethiopian Tedros Ghebreyesus, which is headed by who. Mocking trump gives organizations 30 days to reform, but the policy of access is already declared.

the Main accusation trump: who was not warned in time the world about the pandemic that has cost America tens of thousands of lives. Ultimatum ends with all trompowsky directness: “I can’t allow American taxpayers to continue to Fund an organization that in its current state so clearly is not serving the interests of America.”

the Second indictment who on the part of trump that the organization is too trust China in their assessments of the scale of the threat. And it introduced America to the error.

in Fairness it should be noted that the who really first used the information from China, even when the situation with the coronavirus was quite unclear. It was a new challenge, the scale of which was impossible to foresee. But trump is still disingenuous, when their own belated efforts to fight the epidemic in the United States connects with the delays of the world health organization.

Recall the chronology. On 30 January, the who declared the outbreak of the coronavirus in China, “emergency of public health of international importance”. It would seem, be wary. Exactly on this day — January 30 — Russia closes border with China. Trump not in a hurry and introduces a ban on air links with China just three days later, on 2 February. And then another, and cheerfully declares that the US is “under control”. Here is his tweet for March 9, when the US was was already 546 infections and 22 deaths: “And last year more than 37,000 Americans died from common flu. This is the average between 27 000 and 70 000 per year. Nothing closes life and the economy continue".

March 10, Trump wrote a letter to Professor of Microbiology and Virology of Italy Roberto Burioni, warning the US President: “Mr. President, if Americans have at least partly of immunity against seasonal influenza, the immunity against this new coronavirus is not. The virus is dangerous it will spread very rapidly, I think that the underestimation of infectious disease would be a deadly mistake.”

it is Clear that caution Professor from Milan is not the only signal that got trump. In the end he has a whole heap of intelligence, who are simply obliged to warn the U.S. President about the threats and their nature. Probably warned, but trump, presumably, disciplined waited for the signal from the world health organization. Atypical for trump’s attention to the opinion of international organizations, isn’t it?

on March 11 the who declares a worldwide pandemic coronavirus. And only then trump introduces a ban on flights from the EU but from the UK to USA flights somehow saved. But in America — no restrictions. Emergency mode — only March 13, but it regulates only the work of doctors. No isolation. And now, after a week after the world health organization declared a pandemic coronavirus, trump during a press conference on March 17 still urges Americans to stay home and work Samoilenko.

the Real restrictions came into force in the States even later. The first was new York: the mode of isolation — since March 22, when there was already infected thousands and killed more than 500. That is to not care about the tramp wanted some kind of world health organization. America under his leadership in coronaviruses fire lived all his life and in his rhythm as if nothing had happened. And the decisions in the White house certainly was taken without regard for who — Yes, so late, that the control of the epidemic was lost. In the fight against virus the United States show the worst result in the world, and the trump Sauveurvery rightly feels this is his weakest point in the upcoming November presidential election. That is why, and trying to shift the blame on others — for China and the world health organization — presenting her an ultimatum of withdrawal and the termination of funding.

Meanwhile, Russia and the European Union support the cooperation in the framework of the world health organization.

“we should be in solidarity. Not the time to blame anyone or to undermine international cooperation: the EU supports the who in its efforts to fight the pandemic and has already provided funding to support these efforts,” said one of the representatives of the European Commission.

Russia, in turn, by the mouth of the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov also expressed doubts about the legality of the American ultimatum. “I am sure that the who, like any other structure, needs to be improved. This may not be a single act that will solve all problems in 30 days, will outline all the difficulties that arise in this way for 30 days, and all the ways to overcome them,” — said Lavrov.

the world health organization held its main annual event — the world health Assembly. It took place against the backdrop of fierce U.S.-China dispute. While the US behaved who is hostile to Beijing effectively seized the initiative. Sensational was the performance of the remote forum Chinese leader XI Jinping.

“We acted openly and responsibly. We have forwarded information to the who and countries in the most appropriate way: we reported genome sequence of the virus as quickly as possible, we have shared with the world of containment measures and treatment methods, we did everything in our power to support and assist countries in need. Beijing for two years, will direct the fight against COVID-19, and on the socio-economic development affected by the virus, particularly developing countries, 2 billion dollars”, — said the head of China. To realize $ 2 billion in two years from China, two and a half times more than the US would pay to who at the same time. Just numbers.

Over the annual session of the who fact that Australia took the initiative to impartial investigation of the origin, coronavirus. The US and China did not support the resolution. Russia and the EU were among the 120 countries that voted “Yes”.

Well, if to speak about the fate of the world health organization, the best alternative to it yet. Created in 1948 following the Second world war, the organization has contributed, for example, a complete victory over smallpox on the planet, is effective against polio and tuberculosis. The compilation of the international classification of diseases — also merit who, as a single register of medicines.

the who Recommendations are not all easy and pleasant, but the international organization in order to provide someone personally superficial pleasure.

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