North Korea continues to test missiles at regular intervals. With a resolution at the United Nations, the USA now wants to tighten sanctions against the country.

After renewed North Korean tests with nuclear-capable missiles, the US wants to enforce stricter sanctions against Pyongyang.

A corresponding resolution should be brought to a vote by the Americans in the UN Security Council “in the coming days”, said a US government official on Wednesday. The country should be weakened with punitive measures “that further limit North Korea’s ability to advance its illegal weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs.” In a vote before the most powerful UN body, however, there is a risk of vetoes from China and Russia.

On Wednesday morning (local time), North Korea launched three ballistic missiles at short intervals towards the open sea in the east, one of which was apparently an ICBM. In addition, there are increasing signs of an impending new nuclear test by North Korea.

The latest missile test came at a time of growing uncertainty in the region. It was North Korea’s 17th round of missile tests this year. According to experts, the country wants to modernize its missile arsenal and possibly also increase the pressure on the USA so that they can submit concrete negotiation proposals.