Unemployment, family incomes and the influx of migrants: the President's statement

Flashes of unemployment due to pandemic coronavirus in Russia is not expected, said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at a meeting on Friday with the working group preparing amendments to the Constitution of the country.

“we Have, thank God, not now, I hope I will not have such an outbreak of unemployment in connection with the coronavirus and limitations that are associated with this”, — Putin said.

the unemployment rate in Russia has only grown to about slightly more than 6%. But in many countries was a jump in unemployment. “We were able to avoid it, yet, anyway, — said Putin. – I hope it will be.”

Quarantine restriction led to the temporary suspension of the work of many Russians. In the end, the income of the inhabitants of the country declined, but much of the loss was compensated by the government — and direct payments to companies to save jobs, an increase in allowances, payments to families with children. The total cost of anti-crisis measures exceeded 3.3 trillion roubles, 2.5 million jobs had been maintained within the anti-crisis package. A large part of the support measures is abolished from July 1.

“the Most important thing is to raise the level of income of Russian households. While there is we have not made, on the contrary — the level of people’s income is reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to think about how to support them.”

While Russia is interested in the inflow of migrants. Many industries are successful due to foreign workers — construction, manufacturing, courier services, and other services. The economy is recovering quickly and will soon be not enough workers.

“Russia needs an inflow of new citizens. Obviously, with the development of economy in Russia we have not enough, and soon it will be very much missed by workers, and it becomes a real, objective constraint on economic growth in the country.”

According to the labor Ministry, with the end of March to beginning of July, Russia officially lost his job 3 million 718 thousand citizens, and employed 3 million 36 thousand citizens. “In recent weeks, recruitment has been intensified, now employ almost 300 thousand people a week,” said Minister of labor and social protection of Russia Anton Kotkov.