The american teenager had signed two years earlier in an essay by the award-winning on the violence related to firearms. Sad irony of fate. Sandra Parks, 13, was killed Monday night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, victim of a stray bullet. She was watching television in his bedroom when bullets have broken his window. “She took a bullet as a soldier,” says his sister at the local chain WISN. “It is just out of his room, walking and said: “Mom, I’m injured”… The ball was not even intended.” Two individuals, Isaac D. Barnes, 26 years old, and Untrell Oden, 27, were arrested. One has been indicted for murder, the second for having helped him to conceal the weapon of the crime.

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“My baby wasn’t violent. My baby didn’t like the violence,” said his mother, struggling against the sobs at a vigil held Tuesday in front of the house, after the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel . “All the people she has known, all those who have crossroads, it has made them happy. She never liked to see anyone depressed or sad. She was my angel since the time when I wore it in my belly.” The mayor of Milwaukee has denounced the “madness” of violence with weapons in his city and in the country as a whole. “All of this is horrible. And it’s heartbreaking to be there, as a father, my heart is broken. It is hard, very hard,” he lamented. “Sandra Parks… went in his room. It is never to exit alive.”

“In the city where I live, I hear and see examples of chaos every day”

Sandra Parks

The girl was a student in fourth grade at Keefe Avenue School. In 2016, his dissertation won the third place of a competition organised in the city on the occasion of the Martin Luther King Day, public holiday in the United States. She wrote: “We are lost in a State of chaos. In the city where I live, I hear and see examples of chaos every day. Young children are the innocent victims of firearms.” During an interview on a local radio station, she explained to have chosen this theme because of the shootings reported constantly by the press. “All you hear is that someone died or got shot, the people do not think of the father, son, granddaughter or grandson of the one who comes to be killed.”

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel , this is the 91st homicide in the city in 2018. Over the past four years, says the daily, at least six children of Milwaukee have been killed by an armed man in their house or nearby.