It was the “feel good story” that had moved to America: a couple rose us $ 400,000 on the site of crowdfunding GoFundMe, to help the “generous homeless” that had brought relief. A story too good to be true, a huge lie designed to entrap the donor.

The story takes place in 2017, not far from Philadelphia. Kate breaks down, she walks along the highway to search a petrol station. By the way, she meets Johnny who lives outside. Kate is annoyed, she no longer has a penny on it, it is night, she is afraid. Johnny, the vagabond, is moved by this young woman is lonely, he accompanies her to her car, and recommends that it be locked while he would go to him to buy petrol. He only has twenty dollars in his pocket, but provides a good heart. As in the fairy tales, a good deed is not without reward, and the couple raises us $ 400,000 to help Johnny, this former Marine became homeless.

A story fabricated

The story is beautiful, except that it is entirely false. Kate McClure is never broken down and Johnny was never helped. No generosity, no friendship, just a scam very well climb that would probably never have erupted if the partners were not torn apart.

Since last August, Johnny accuses Kate and Mark his companion of having kept the money for them. The couple had purchased a luxury car and had multiplied the travels: Florida, California, Las Vegas. The couple argues and attempts to prove his good faith: Johnny has squandered money, it was spent in drug and has not followed up to the end of their term, the two courses of detox he had undertaken.

A second time, America has moved in history, and this time, the vileness of the two so-called benefactors. But Wednesday, a new twist: the case is a scam, and Johnny the vagabond is wicking. Thursday, at a press briefing, the prosecutor of the county of Burlington, Scott Coffina explains: “just An hour after launching the page on GoFundMe, McClure acknowledged in a text message to a friend that the whole story according to which Bobbitt had helped her had been entirely invented”. In the message in question, the young woman is justified: “the episode of the petrol station is completely invented, but the type is not. I had to do something to make people feel bad.” The three protagonists have been arrested and charged for conspiracy and theft by deception. They face “real prison sentences,” according to a spokesman for the prosecutor. The crowdfunding platform that hosted the fundraiser, GoFundMe, has announced that 14 000 donors would be reimbursed.

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The scam was prepared for months. The couple had met Johnny Bobbitt at the exit of a supermarket, he had proposed to the SDF to participate in the scheme in exchange for a share of the loot. The case has been carefully staged in order to attract donations. On Instagram, the couple sets out with Johnny: at the restaurant, during an evening disguised, to the hairdresser. The maneuver works, the trio of harvest us $ 400,000 instead of the 10,000 expected… and a likely prison sentence.

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