After every shooting in the United States return relentlessly to the same debate on firearms and the laws surrounding their purchase, guaranteed by the second amendment of the Constitution. Today, these are the doctors who are on the frontline to challenge the powerful lobby american weapons, the NRA. In question, a tweet from the association in which it makes frontal attack on the doctors after the publication of several articles written by the College of american physicians (ACP) in an academic journal, Annals of Internal Medicine . In these articles, the association called for a ban on the sale of weapons to fire semi-automatic and large-capacity magazines, as well as a better monitoring of gun licenses issued.

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“Someone should tell the doctors sufficient anti-firearms of meddling in their affairs. Half of the items of the Annals of Internal Medicine insists on the control of firearms. The most heartbreaking, however, is the fact that the medical community seems not to have consulted anyone other than itself,” he wrote in the tweet posted a few hours before the killing in a bar in California last week. The NRA clarifies in the press release linked to, that “the ‘studies’ cited by the CPA would not be considered as ‘evidence’ in other debates” and explains that none of the proposals focuses on the application of the law or the importance of identifying, prosecuting and incarcerating criminals.

“We’re not opposed to arms: but the bullets holes in our patients,”

Shortly after the publication of this message on Twitter by the NRA, many physicians were keen to express their anger. Like Jennifer Gunter, doctor very high profile, responded to the tweet by asking: “Who do you think pulls the balls of the vertebral column and is trying to repair the intestines wiped out by an AR-15?”. Other surgeons are confronted almost daily to injury followed with the hashtag #stayinmylane on Twitter, where they tell about their experience and post pictures of surgeries after having cared for an injured.

Stephanie Good, surgeon and traumatologist in a university hospital of New Jersey, has posted a picture of a floor with traces of blood and the message: “Hello! Just a reminder @NRA: #it estmonaffaire #it estnotreaffaire. It has not survived.” The surgeon wrote in another tweet: “Hey @NRA! (…) Here is the chair on which I sit when I tell parents that their children are deceased. How dare you tell me that I do not have the right to search for solutions to this problem”.

In a column published in the daily USA Today , several doctors explain as well want to encourage a debate on the issue of firearms in the country and the possible reforms to combat the scourge of violence caused by arms. “We’re not opposed to arms: but the bullets holes in our patients,” wrote Ester Choo, doctor and professor of emergency medicine at the University of Health and Science of Oregon. “The most heartbreaking, in reality, is the death and disability caused by firearms, which is without equal in the world,” she concludes.

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