On the 19. November World toilet day. At first it sounds bizarre, and awakens many a listener the sense of Humor. But the strange moment actually brings a serious message. For the first time, he was declared in 2001 by the world toilet organization (WTO), a network of experts and organisations that have made it their mission to improve global sanitation.

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according to the United Nations (UN) currently live more than 2.5 billion people without adequate sanitation. Every day more than 6000 children die of diarrhoeal diseases due to a lack of basic sanitation, according to “hamburg water”. These are alarming Figures. Because without Hygiene of the toilet is going to the dangerous disease slingshot. However, not only the lack of toilets, but also by an inadequate sewage system leads to environmental problems: sewage contaminate rivers, groundwater and soil.

2.5 billion people without adequate sanitation

The World toilet day is to shake the political and economic leaders awake. The national government is required, at least three percent of the expenditures for sanitation and water supply. During the world toilet organization is committed to this cause for the improvement of sanitation systems, can we start on the toilet day, the first at ourselves. Because even though our toilets have a far better standard of hygiene, there is still a need for action.

These are the things we do on the toilet is wrong

is The “K├Âlner Stadt Anzeiger” declares that it starts with our attitude: By the seat position diseases like hemorrhoids and intestinal be transmitted diseases easier. In countries where the people squat in the Tinkle, it is, therefore, much less to disease transmission. In addition, we sit too long on the toilet and make it through presses, not better. As a rule of thumb: The Klobesuch should not take longer than two minutes.

on the Occasion of this important message and the time we all spend on the silent Village, the VIEW photo community, shows the most beautiful bathroom pictures.