Us Ambassador threatens with new sanctions

Gazprom still expects to complete construction of the “Nord stream-2” to the end of this year. This became known after a conference of concern with investors. Such plans — is not theoretical, given that laying vessel “Akademik Chersky” has already arrived at the logistics base project in the North of Germany. And even managed to excite the American Ambassador in Berlin: diplomat threatened the “Flood” of new sanctions. However, the German government said the sanctions now — wrong place, wrong time.

the arrival of the vessel “Akademik Chersky” in the German port of Rostock has alarmed opponents of the “Nord stream-2”. A few hours and the Russian pipelay will be able to continue the work, fearing U.S. sanctions, have not completed the Swiss company Allseas to connect two lines of the pipeline near the Danish island of Bornholm.

the Us Ambassador to Germany Richard Grennel, whom trump calls a superstar, and former Ambassador of the USA in the UN security Council, Susan rice — disgusting and deceitful man has emitted a new batch of threats to the participants of the project: “New sanctions find the approval of all parties. Despite the election campaign, the process of adoption of the bill can be very fast. Germany needs to stop feeding the beast, at a time when you aren’t paid enough in NATO.”

“Feed the beast” at Grendel — trade with Russia. A new package of sanctions, if it will, will hit the construction of “Nord stream-2” and its operation: the companies, which will operate the pipeline and to buy gas.

Minister of economy of Germany, Altmaier hinted that the attitude of the us threats in Berlin last year did not change — Germany does not recognize the legitimacy of the ex-territorial sanctions. And anyway, someone is clearly doing nothing.

“From our point of view, now is not the time to promote the escalation spiral and threaten further sanctions in front of us other problems,” said Anne-Sophie Eichler, the representative of the Ministry of economy and energy of Germany.

a Similar assessment of the American Ambassador gave the German foreign Ministry, where for Granulom entrenched image of a diplomat for the misunderstanding.

For two years, his work in Berlin, he rarely visited the place when he visited in the execution of instructions trump was insolent and spoiled the mood of the German colleagues. And frankly enjoy his leaving home — Grendel will lead the national US intelligence — the Germans prevent the unknown: that trump will win the election, what the bird will send it to them in accordance with the current level of bilateral relations?

“I am very concerned that this situation will continue until the US election. And nothing good is not here. I wish we had a man who would have advocated the improvement of relations between Germany and the USA, not just the repeater trump politics,” says Dietmar Bartsh, co-Chairman of the faction “Left” in the Bundestag.

Grendel left, but some remained. For Miller, the Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany, anti-Russian sanctions on all fronts — the main task.

In response to the statement of former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder about the futility of sanctions, that the Crimea will never return to the Ukraine, Miller took Twitter began to consider a salary Schroeder in “Rosneft” to call him a Trojan horse, a lobbyist for the Kremlin to offer a strange wager — say, the ex-Chancellor still see the Ukrainian Peninsula, and he is the Ambassador — in the company of Merkel drink “Massandra” in Yalta and Bakhchisaray.

Schroeder fantasy Miller was not appreciated: “do Not annoy each other with sanctions. I was trying to indicate that it is true for Russia. Why, then, is whether the Ambassador, or former Minister for foreign Affairs, a dwarf from the Ukraine, criticizes me? No one is interested even in Germany.”

After Schroeder calledVal Miller dwarf — which in General is lost on the background of melnikovsky battle against the shredder — perked up already Twitter Ukrainian foreign Ministry.

Deputy Cooper wrote, saying, his Ambassador in insult will not give. Sounds like a threat. Pour another bucket of dirt in social networks and complain to Washington.

Draws complaints have no practical impact on U.S. sanctions policy against Russia. It is determined only the needs of the election campaign trump. But even if the current President of the United States will include a new mechanism for sanctions in relation to the “Nord stream-2”, it will not change the main pipeline that will be built.