US thinking about the first since 1992 nuclear test

In the US administration discussed the possibility to conduct a nuclear test — the first since 1992. According to sources, The Washington Post, this question was raised at the meeting of senior representatives of major us national security departments on may 15.

prior To this, the representatives of the US administration accused Russia and China in conducting small nuclear tests. These accusations are not backed by publicly available evidence, both the fact of nuclear testing also deny the newspaper.

According to a senior representative of the American administration, demonstration of Moscow and Beijing that the United States can quickly carry out a nuclear test, could be useful for the US position in the negotiations on arms control. Washington, the newspaper writes, is seeking a trilateral deal to regulate the arsenals of major nuclear powers.

the Agreement on the nuclear test, the participants of the meeting on 15 may could not be reached, however, according to a senior administration official trump, the debate continues. Another source familiar with the meeting said that in the end it was decided to adopt other measures in response to the perceived threat from Russia and China, avoiding the resumption of nuclear testing. All sources of The Washington Post gave the newspaper information on the condition of anonymity.

recently, the United States declared its desire to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies. According to Washington, the blame again Russia, which allegedly did not comply with the provisions of this agreement. The Russian foreign Ministry the claims of Washington to the agreement called the “senseless and unacceptable”, stressing that the United States once again engaged in misinformation.