USA adds to the problems and suck the resources of Syria, I think Putin and Rouhani

Sanctions against Syria by the US illegal, ruining the economy and add to her problems. Syria need help to think about how to organize humanitarian aid through appropriate channels, said Russian leader Vladimir Putin during a summit with his counterparts from Iran and Turkey. And added that the preconditions for political-diplomatic settlement of the conflict in the region has already been created.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani is confident that the United States under the guise of fighting terrorism suck the natural resources of Syria, increasing the number of illegal military bases in the oil regions. Putin received a proposal to discuss additional measures against terrorists.

in addition, the Russian President confirmed his readiness to visit Tehran for the summit as soon as conditions permit.

the Summit of the countries – guarantors of the Astana process in Syria had to take place in Tehran, but due to the coronavirus, it was moved online. Call transmits the channel “Russia 24”.