USA: the secrets of trump, war monuments and money on the death of Floyd

Washington has invited Moscow to have talks on the start Treaty, which expires next year. According to the latest data, in such negotiations, coming to Vienna the Deputy foreign Minister Ryabkov. But the United States called to Vienna and China. The Chinese refuse. By the way, sometimes nodding and what a strange country America is becoming, saying that as her deal? What is strange is the Day of liberation from slavery in Oklahoma, where everyone was allowed to make the Trump.

During the quarantine slogans, of course, not forgotten, but the flags dusty for sure. Unfurling banners, the supporters of the trump for him again, at least in Oklahoma. Several million applications were filed on this, first since the beginning of the pandemic meeting. They arrived to listen to the President and sing his praises. Trump behind them as behind a stone wall, and the costumes are appropriate.

Here is the most discussed topic — the book that wants to publish a former adviser to trump national security. John Bolton revealed is not the most pleasant secrets of the White house and its owner.

the Liberal media hard look at the statistics of cases of coronavirus. Say, in the state of the number of infected and that trump and his supporters to blame.

by provocateurs from the camp of the enemies trompowsky them will be guarded by police cordons. “Protesters, anarchists, agitators, looters, or just nobodies who go to Oklahoma, please understand, you will not be treated the way you were treated in new York, Seattle or Minneapolis. It will be a different story,” warned trump.

the protesters do not measure the temperature, and CNN questions about the coronavirus does not specify. This time an occasion to get together — Day of liberation from slavery. On the wave of anti-racist rally, it was celebrated in a big way across the country.

In Richmond, the gathering place of the protesters — the monument to General Lee. Commander-in-chief of the confederates, who in the civil war and advocated the preservation of slavery.

“He fought against us, and now we are fighting against him. I’m not leaving here until it was demolished,” says one local resident.

and sitting third week. Monument covered in paint and needs to be destroyed. But fold your hands 12-ton bronze statue cannot.

Columbus was accused of being the discoverer of the oppressed Indians. From the lake, the monument quickly caught and taken away to the warehouse. From a similar fate while General Lee defends the court. The air smells of barbeque and marijuana, but the demonstrators need the wind of change.

“the Authorities always say that they have no money for schools, repairs of roads, infrastructure, but they always have money for the police. The police have a lot of money and a lot of power, which they use inappropriately. They need to cut funding”, — assured the men.

to Earn on behalf of the murdered kinsman will now close African American, with a deadly detention which riots broke out. Three weeks after the death of George Floyd, his family has already registered the same name brand.