Ushakov challenged the decision of the court on dismissal of the mayor of Riga

MEP from the party “Consent” nil Ushakov does not agree with the dismissal of the mayor of Riga and appealed the court’s decision, arguing that dismissal law.

the Appeal Ushakov sent in mid-may, the date of the meeting is not appointed yet, according to BNS.

In April, the Administrative district court of Riga dismissed the claim Ushakov, in which he challenged the decision of the Minister of environmental protection and regional development Juris puce.

puce in 2019 have used their powers under the supervision of the heads of Latvia and Ushakov was removed from office for numerous violations. Ushakov denied the allegations of fraud and stated that the removal was for political reasons. “If the Minister believes that compensation for free travel, for example, for students is a fraud, it is hard for anything else to add to this, — the politician wrote in his Facebook. — The person who created the party due to the money from gambling, fraud haunt must everywhere”.