Utair told about the reasons for landing in the river

“the Commission of Interstate aviation Committee (MAK) found that ground services of the airport of Sochi September 1, 2018 are not assessed the condition of the strip before landing and gave the crew incorrect information about the coefficient of adhesion with the band”, — told “Vedomosti” a representative of Utair. Based on these data, the crew decided to sit down.

When the coefficient of friction, on which the crew informed the ground services of the airport, the plane had to stop when landing within the runway, the source continues, but this has not happened: the band was flooded by rain, in fact, the coefficient of friction of the chassis to the surface was equal to almost zero values and the plane fell into a mode of aquaplaning. This was the main reason for the increase in landing distance and the rolling out of the plane of the upper band in the Sochi river, said the representative of Utair. The airline has asked the MAC to check the drainage system of runway and to calculate the actual layer of water on the runway under conditions of heavy rain, he added.

the Plane Utair Boeing-737-800 landing in Sochi on September 1, 2018 rolled into the river Sochi, none of the 164 passengers and 6 crew members were not killed, but injured 18 people. In this case, when the evacuation of the aircraft killed an airport employee. Due to the hard landing at the river landing gear and the wing of the airplane collapsed, caught fire on the left engine. The ship is not beyond repair and was scrapped. Insurance payment to the owner of the airplane leasing company was $14.5 million, said Deputy General Director of “AlfaStrakhovanie” Ilya Kabachnik. The aircraft was insured in an insurance society “Surgutneftegaz”, knows a person close to the investigation.

the Final report of the MAC about the incident was released on January 16. MAC in the report as reasons for calls including named airline factors. But other reasons MAK calls the error of the crew repeatedly ignoring the warnings from onboard systems about the wind shear (sudden change in wind direction) that when injected into a horizontal shift with the oncoming passing led to a flight to 385 m area accurate landing; late translation engine in the mode of reverse thrust (against the motion of the engine braking), this was done only 16 seconds after the touch strip.

For the condition of the runway meets the operator of the aerodrome, in this case, the company “Sochi International airport”, part of the holding of Oleg Deripaska “the Base Aero”. After the release of the full report of the IAC, the insurance company can begin to recover their losses from strass payments from the party or parties responsible for the incident, said an employee of the Russian airline and an employee of the insurance company.

“statements” sent requests “Basel Aero” and “Surgutneftegaz”.