After the school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, Duchess Meghan traveled to the small town to commemorate the victims. Parts of the British press resent her.

After an 18-year-old gunman shot dead numerous elementary school children and teachers in Uvalde, Texas, the world was dismayed and the debate about stricter gun laws was restarted in the USA.

Duchess Meghan traveled to Uvalde

Numerous US celebrities spoke up. Duchess Meghan preferred to let actions speak and traveled from California to Texas without further ado. There, Prince Harry’s wife was spotted laying flowers. She was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a cap. Meghan had not announced her visit, so the decision to do so could well have been made spontaneously and out of emotion.

The Duchess’ appearance has caused outrage in large parts of the British press. The journalist Dan Wootton recently called it a “tasteless photo option” in the “Daily Mail”. He also criticized Meghan for leaving flowers in Uvalde instead of visiting her own father in hospital. The newspaper also let Meghan’s half-brother have his say, who made a similar statement.

Criticism from “Daily Mail” and Co.

But with the hatred that Meghan (again) counteracts, parts of the British media expose themselves. Because the case shows the double standard. It’s been a good year since Duchess Kate – unannounced and in casual clothes – attended a memorial service for British Sarah Everard, who was kidnapped, raped and then killed on her way home at night. Kate was photographed putting down daffodils. The reports were neutral at the time, and Kate was mostly praised on social networks. In contrast, Meghan was accused of a PR stunt by countless critics on Twitter.

A double standard that journalist Lorraine King also noticed on Twitter. “Meghan Markle lays flowers in memory of the victims of the Texas school shooting. Kate Middleton lays flowers in memory of Sarah Everard. Which of these two acts of kindness and caring do you think inspires the most hatred?” she asked suggestive.

It is only the most recent example that shows: In the eyes of many critics, Duchess Meghan can hardly do anything right.