Vakarchuk leaves of the Verkhovna Rada

the leader of the Ukrainian group “Ocean Elzy”, MP, member of the political Council of the party “the Voice” took a decision about resignation. According to him, he has already submitted to the Parliament a statement. The musician said during the briefing.

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk said that the next phase of its mission — to enable young people to become leaders of the future. Musician plans to large educational project about which he will tell later.

According to yet MP, he partly fulfilled the purpose for which they came into politics led to the Parliament a new quality of people.

When the powers Vakarchuk will be officially discontinued, its mandate will give the next number in the party list. As reported “Interfax”, the potential candidate is Alina Svidersky, wife of former Minister of defense of Ukraine Andrei Zagorodniuk.

the Fraction of “Voice” appeared in the Parliament after the elections in July 2019. Vakarchuk led the party, and in March 2020 has left a post of the Chairman.