There are numerous test methods to detect counterfeit money. Nevertheless, it happens that a wrong fifty ends up in your pocket. The Valicash app wants to prevent this.

Test pen, visual check, bank note detector: there are many ways to identify counterfeit money that has been made well. But you don’t always have the appropriate equipment with you, sometimes flaws in well-made flowers are not immediately obvious. With the Valicash app, the Ostwestfalen-Lippe Technical University and the Würzburg world market leader in banknote printing want Koenig

According to the developers, the app focuses on the printing process used for the banknote and its recognition. The scientists involved promise that the app can reliably recognize so-called gravure printing processes such as intaglio printing and simultaneous offset printing. Valicash is currently only available for the iPhone (from iOS 14.3) in the App Store. The app is free. If you use it to check your fives, you don’t have to spend any money on it.

Reliable and free of charge in the test

In a short test with various (real) banknotes, the app worked perfectly. The app did not verify printouts and copies of money and always gave an error. The message then reads “Unsuccessful” and there are tips for manually detecting real money. For legal reasons, Valicash is not allowed to label banknotes as counterfeits, because only the Bundesbank of the European Central Bank (ECB) is allowed to do so. The test via app only takes a few seconds.

If Valicash does not recognize a banknote as a real means of payment, the app advises in a few steps to continue the check in the conventional way. Tips include feeling the glow in specific places, viewing effects, and checking the watermark. You are then forwarded to the ECB, which offers further assistance.

According to the manufacturer, the app’s technology would also be used for other documents in the future, such as tax stamps, product protection labels or birth certificates.

Quelle: TH OWL