Vanessa Mai does not like every part of her body. But that hardly affects her today, says the singer in an interview.

Pop singer Vanessa Mai (30) always presents herself confidently on Instagram – whether she is posing in a tight bikini or holding her face in the camera without make-up. The musician seems to be at peace with herself. In an interview with the “Bild” newspaper, the 30-year-old reveals that she also has “quirks” that bother her on her body.

“Like every woman, I don’t like a few things about myself, like my feet, my tattoos, the left side of my face,” says Mai. However, she now manages not to be influenced by her supposed flaws, she continues to explain. It used to look different.

Vanessa Mai wants to gain “great experiences”.

The singer sees her right side as her “chocolate side,” she says. All the more unusual and outside of her “comfort zone” was a photo shoot in which she was recently “filmed and photographed only from the left”. “It was a great, but also a crass experience. Five years ago I wouldn’t have had the courage to get involved,” reflects Mai. At that time it was more important to her how she looked. “Now I don’t care, now I just want to have great experiences.”

She admits that she hasn’t quite got rid of her vanity yet. “I want you to take a quick look at photos for interviews or something like that to see if everything fits,” she says. “If that’s vain, then I am.”