Vanessa Mai attended the Cannes Film Festival for the first time. “A great experience,” enthuses the singer in an interview.

“Surreal – and somehow quite special!” Vanessa Mai (30) made her debut on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. “To have been here is an unbelievable honor,” says the singer happily in an interview. The 30-year-old attended the Lights on Women Awards ceremony – an initiative by L’Oréal Paris for aspiring women filmmakers. The beauty brand once again chose a promising short film director this year. The award was presented personally by Oscar winner and brand ambassador Kate Winslet (46) at the Jeune Cinéma dinner.

The red carpet in Cannes is considered particularly glamorous, how nervous were you before your Cannes premiere?

Vanessa Mai: It was a curious mixture of anticipation, honor and nervousness. After all, I’m doing it for the first time and of course I’m really happy to be part of it. After the initial nervousness went away, I simply enjoyed the day and the moments. A great experience!

How did you experience the film festival?

May: I’m very impressed and honored to walk the red carpet for L’Oréal Paris. I mean: I only knew this type of event from the media like most of us and it was a super exciting and nice experience to be able to experience something like that myself.

Many stars shy away from the flashbulbs, do you enjoy the big performance?

May: Yes and no! I know and love so far rather the appearance on the musical stage. It’s a bit different here, but still: We’ve worked for years for exactly these moments and I don’t take it for granted that we were here. Sometimes I have to pinch myself: I’m still the same Vanessa from Backnang – and now I’m standing here in Cannes at the film festival? Surreal – and somehow quite special!

Everything that has status and reputation in the film industry meets in Cannes. Will you become a fan girl here yourself?

Mai: It would probably be wiser to answer “no”. (laughs) But I’m a bad liar: Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise and Co. – they are all here and they are all heroes of my childhood and youth. It’s crazy!

You’ve already got a taste of acting yourself and made your television debut in January 2020. Are more roles planned?

May: This year the focus is on my new album and the tour, which I can finally play after three years. But anyone who knows me knows that I like trying things out – I’m open, but nothing is planned yet.

Did your husband accompany you to the film festival?

Mai: Yes, Andreas is always there! But on the red carpet he had to pass. (laughs)

On your 30th birthday in early May you renewed your vows, how did you spend the day?

May: Andreas had planned a surprise party with friends and family. It was the best birthday ever.

What are you most looking forward to now in your 30s?

Mai: I should be getting “wise” now, right? (laughs) I’m looking forward to that. In general, I’m just happy with my life right now and being 30 feels great!

What are your plans for this year?

May: 2022 is a crazy year and there is a lot going on! An album in August, the tour in autumn, my own fashion label called “VIAM”, exclusively at About You, my book “I do it Mai way” – and many other great promotions with L’Oréal Paris.