Variety without meat: Vegetarian cookbooks: You should definitely try these recipes


    In Germany alone, 7.5 million people eat vegetarian food – and the trend is rising. By not eating fish and meat, however, you don’t have to do without good food, quite the opposite: there are many light (and complex) dishes that provide more variety in the kitchen.

    In a fast-moving time like ours, simple recipe ideas are very popular – nobody knows that better than the British TV chef Jamie Oliver, who with his TV shows (“Jamie’s 5-Minute Kitchen” or “Jamie’s 30-Minute Menus” ) celebrated great success. So it’s hardly surprising why he also published a vegetarian cookbook. And he is not alone in this: other great chefs have also written down their innovative recipe ideas.

    A comparison of five popular vegetarian cookbooks

    1. “Vegetarian! The Golden of GU”

    The vegetarian cookbook by GU was published in February 2011 and is now one of the Spiegel bestsellers. There are over 400 delicious recipe ideas on 512 pages – divided into seven different chapters: “Salads and cold starters”, “Warm starters and snacks”, “Soups and stews”, “Potatoes, vegetables and legumes”, “Pasta, rice and cereals ‘, ‘Tofu and Tempeh’ and ‘Desserts and Sweets’. Depending on how much time you want to take when cooking, there are simple and quick dishes, but also complex and elaborate ones. According to the manufacturer, there is a suitable recipe for every occasion.

    2. “More Vegetarian” by Nelson Müller

    Flexitarians are people who eat mostly vegetarian food but don’t avoid meat entirely. Or as Nelson Müller describes himself: part-time vegetarian. In his 192-page cookbook, the star chef combines a variety of recipe ideas that are 80 percent vegetarian (or vegan) and 20 percent meat. The book was published in 2021 – and is still enjoying increasing popularity today. Whether it’s a pretzel burger with tofu and vegetable patty or lamb chops with onion jam and fried salad: here, every gourmet, whether vegetarian or not, gets their money’s worth.

    3. “Deliciously Vegetarian” by Yotam Ottolenghis

    A well-known cult chef has also immortalized himself in this vegetarian cookbook: Yotam Ottolenghi. His Israeli-British roots are also reflected in his 125 modern recipe ideas for oriental-Mediterranean cuisine. The content of the book is divided into different categories – from salads and herbs to legumes and cereals to pasta and fruits. According to the company, the dishes are quick and easy to cook, so you could soon be enjoying “caramelized fennel with goat yoghurt”, “lemon and eggplant risotto” or “figs with basil”.

    4. “Indisch vegetarisch” by Meera Sodha

    Although she is not a trained cook, she is still no stranger: Meera Sodha, a successful food blogger, combines 130 quick and easy recipe ideas on over 300 pages in her vegetarian cookbook. As the title suggests, all the dishes are based around Indian cuisine – i.e. popular classics such as dals, curries, samosas or new creations (beetroot kebabs, “carrot halvah”, “pistachio-almond cake”). What is particularly nice is that the young author has taken original family recipes and combined them with modern influences.

    5. “Veggies” von Jamie Oliver

    Of course, Jamie Oliver should not be missing when it comes to vegetarian cookbooks. His 116 quick and easy recipe ideas only appeared in 2019, but are already among the Spiegel bestsellers. Due to his many trips to distant countries, the TV chef combines dishes from all over the world in his book – such as Indian curries, Italian pasta, American burgers, Thai noodle salad, Australian bowls or oriental shakshuka. And Jamie wouldn’t be Jamie if the recipes were hard to follow. For this reason, the vegetarian recipes are suitable for both ambitious and lazy hobby cooks.

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