This summer, a popular food trend on TikTok has taken the vegan community by storm. The trend involves enjoying a Caesar salad with a side of fries, creating a balanced and flavorful meal that many are raving about. While the traditional Caesar salad is made with animal-derived ingredients like eggs, anchovies, and Parmesan cheese, it is entirely possible to transform this classic dish into a delicious plant-based option.

To create a vegan Caesar salad, you’ll need to start with a creamy dressing. Many brands, such as Follow Your Heart, Daiya, and Mother Raw, offer vegan Caesar dressings that replicate the traditional flavor perfectly. If you prefer to make your dressing at home, you can use ingredients like soaked cashews, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, and nutritional yeast to achieve a creamy and tangy dressing.

No Caesar salad is complete without a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. Vegan options like nutritional yeast or homemade cashew Parmesan can provide the same savory flavor as traditional Parmesan. Store-bought vegan cheeses from brands like Follow Your Heart and Violife are also great options for topping your salad.

Croutons are a must for adding crunch to your salad. While most store-bought croutons are vegan, making your own allows for customization. Consider adding ingredients like curly kale, smoky chickpeas, or crispy tofu strips to enhance the flavor and texture of your salad. You can even create a vegan chicken Caesar by using a meatless chicken cutlet from brands like Meati Foods or Gardein.

In addition to the salad, the trend also includes a bowl of shared fries. While French fries are typically vegan-friendly, it’s essential to be aware of fast-food chains that use animal products in their fries. Opt for vegan-friendly fries from chains like Burger King, KFC, or Wendy’s, or make your own by air-frying potatoes and seasoning with salt.

To complete the meal, you can choose between a dry martini or a Diet Coke. For a vegan-friendly martini, check Barnivore for vermouth options made without animal products. If you prefer a non-alcoholic option, both Diet Coke and Pepsi are vegan-friendly choices that pair well with the meal.

Overall, this TikTok food trend offers a fun and delicious way to enjoy a plant-based meal this summer. By incorporating vegan ingredients and creative twists, you can create a Caesar salad and fries combo that is both satisfying and cruelty-free. Embrace the trend and indulge in this summer’s go-to recipe for plant-based delights.