Vice-President of the European Commission: a transitional period in the framework of Brexit completed

the Transition period in relations between Britain and the European Union in the framework of Brexit is completed, said Vice-President of the European Commission Maros Sefcovic at a press conference after a meeting of the joint Committee of representatives of the EU and the UK.

on the part of England made it clear they do not plan to request a rollover, and the only body authorized to take this decision, a joint Committee. So the discussion is closed, the official said. While the adoption of the decision on extending the transition period until June 30.

31 January, the UK withdrew from the EU until the end of 2020, the parties will negotiate a new format of relations. Now the country makes contributions to it continue to apply EU rules, but in the process of decision-making England no longer involved. With the completion of the transition rules will cease to operate. Partners are trying to negotiate about the future cooperation, but until significant progress is not reached, RIA Novosti reported.