Vice-President of the United States did not agree with the phrase

Vice-President Mike Pence refused to utter the phrase “Black Lives Matter” (“black Lives matter”), stating that all lives have value. It happened during an interview with Pence leading TV channel 6 ABC Brian Taffe in celebration of Juneteenth — the day of the liberation of the slaves.

Gaining momentum in the United States the movement for the rights of blacks is fueled by the slogan “Black Lives Matter”, said the broadcaster, however, only very few elected leaders-Republicans in Washington saying those words. On the question of whether to pronounce them Pence, Vice-President, said: the incident with the deceased at the hands of police George Floyd was a tragedy, and in the United States, especially in Juneteenth, celebrating the fact that since the founding of the country cherish the ideal that all Americans are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.

“So all lives do matter in the most fundamental sense,” he finished Pens.

According to him, he does not agree with the opinion about the existence of a certain segment of Americans that deny the value and importance of every human life.

slavery was Officially abolished in the United States President Lincoln in 1863, but in the South it remained for another two years. June 19, 1865, Texas became the last state to abolish slavery. For blacks, this day has become a holiday that is celebrated annually. However, in this scale this year, and even with slogans demanding to punish the policemen in the USA are celebrating for the first time.