On the street, in public transport or in their own residential buildings – anywhere people are attacked because of their sexual orientation or their sexual identity. Alone for the capital the police counted 2017, at least 139 of the crimes committed against LGBTIQ (English abbreviation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexual, Queer), the majority of violent crimes (49). Preliminary Figures for 2018 suggest that in a similar case, towards the end of the year. The Pay of the Berlin police Presidium, together with the lesbian and gay Association of Berlin – Brandenburgvor.

Consequently, all men were recorded as victims (2017: 51 males, 9 females, 1 unknown). The most common crime scenes are the so-called public Streets and public transport. The clearance rate was 44 percent, so it will be solved less than half of all cases. The Berlin-based statistics also has a note to suspects: 74 captured perpetrators, most were German citizens (44), and the others came from Serbia and Montenegro (6), Romania (5) Poland (3).

not be displayed for Up to 90 percent

The dark figure could be considerably higher. Anne semolina Bach Baerns of the Berlin police told the TV station rbb: “We estimate that 80 to 90 percent of the cases will not be displayed.” Maneo, the Gay Anti-violence project in Berlin, has registered for the capital in the past year, 324 cases with a homophobic or transphobem the Background, so almost three times as many as the Berlin police statistics. Nationwide Maneo speaks of 801 cases (2016: 659; 2015: 555).

The Federal criminal police office itself counted in its statistics, cases of politically motivated crime (PMK) in the past year, nationwide, 313 crimes in the thematic context of “sexual orientation” (date 31.01.18). The Numbers refer to the beginning of a suspicion, and may differ in the later course of the investigation. Overall, the number of cases has in recent years multiplied: in 2001, 48 cases were recorded, in 2011, there were 148 and in 2017 a total of 316.

The police recorded violence due to sexual orientation in the statistics on politically motivated crime (PMK), which is not comparable with the Police crime statistics (PKS). In the PMK-statistics offences in which there is a recording of the police investigation, the suspected fall, to be in breach of the free democratic basic order. This also includes crimes against individuals because of their political attitude, nationality, ethnicity, skin colour, Religion, ideology, origin or because of their appearance and because of their disability, their sexual orientation or their social Status. In the nationwide PKS, the only abgeschnlossene investigation includes, regardless of the time of the Commission of the Offence are not made out such crimes separately in accordance with sub-topics.

note: In previous versions it was called, there was no nationwide statistics about crimes because of sexual orientation. The indication was based on information from the Federal criminal police office (BKA) to the PKS. The authority has granted to a misunderstanding and Figures submitted from the PMK; we have corrected the information accordingly.