Volker Bruch explained on Instagram what his alleged disappearance on a hike was all about.

Volker Bruch (42) spoke up after his alleged disappearance on Instagram. At the weekend, media such as “leggo.it” reported that the actor was missing after a hike in the Italian Alps. Now the 42-year-old explained in an Instagram story: “Just a quick look at the headlines. I felt and feel wonderful. I just went on a hike with an overnight stay in a hut.” It goes on to say: “Today I wasn’t available until noon due to a lack of network, which then caused a rat’s tail of panic.”

At the time of the newspaper article, everyone had long since calmed down, he continued. Finally, the “Babylon Berlin” star said goodbye to his fans with “Baci di San Remo” – in English: “Kisses from San Remo.” In a previously recorded story, Bruch explained that he was on his way to San Remo, a coastal city in northwestern Italy. Bruch is currently shooting the film “2 Win” in Italy.