Volkswagen’s Affordable ID.2all EV Set to Debut Soon

Design work on Volkswagen’s upcoming $27K entry-level ID.2 electric car has been completed, with the company gearing up to unveil the affordable EV later this year. The ID.2all concept, which was revealed last March, will serve as Volkswagen’s foray into the budget-friendly electric vehicle market, positioned below the existing ID.3 model.

Utilizing a modified version of the MEB platform from its ID series, the ID.2all concept boasts an impressive range of up to 279 miles (450km). CEO Thomas Shafer expressed enthusiasm for the new EV, stating that it represents the direction the brand is heading towards. Drawing inspiration from iconic VW models like the Golf and Beetle, the ID.2all features a modern design tailored for the electric era.

Expected to be priced under $27K (€25,000), Volkswagen aims to meet the increasing demand for cost-effective EVs by introducing the ID.2all. Following the return of former Bentley and Audi designer Andreas Mindt to the company last year, VW is looking to innovate with its next-generation electric vehicles.

After the successful completion of design work, Volkswagen is set to debut the production version of the ID.2all later this year. Andreas Mindt, the design leader, expressed confidence in the updated version of the concept, noting that it embodies the brand’s core values in a unique and self-assured manner.

Featuring a distinctive interior design language that pays homage to the past, the ID.2all offers various drive modes, including Classic and Vintage modes that harken back to the Beetle and Golf eras, respectively. Despite being shorter in length compared to the Polo, the ID.2all provides a more spacious interior with a longer wheelbase, offering a blend of comfort and affordability.

Volkswagen plans to showcase the production version of the ID.2all by the end of the year, with sales expected to commence in 2025. Additionally, a GTI model is in the works, scheduled for release in 2026, drawing inspiration from the previously unveiled ID. GTI concept.

The ID.2all is part of Volkswagen’s strategy to launch ten new EVs by 2027, joining the existing ID.3, ID.4, ID.5, ID.6, ID.7, and ID.Buzz models. Another budget-friendly option, the ID.1, is also on the horizon, with an anticipated starting price of around 20,000 euros ($21,700).

As Volkswagen finalizes the ID.2all’s development, the competition in the affordable EV market continues to intensify, with brands like Volvo and Kia already making significant strides. With the landscape evolving rapidly, the success of the ID.2all will depend on its ability to carve out a niche among consumers seeking affordable electric mobility solutions.

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