Volodin said opponents of the amendments

People who call not to vote for the amendments to the Constitution or not to come out to the polls July 1, go “against the people”, said the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin. “Can’t do that. Each rule solves the problems of the people and the country. Support for standards will ensure the development of the country”, — said Volodin, the TV channel “Russia 24”.

According to the speaker of the state Duma, proposed amendments strengthen Russia, make it stronger, and to disrupt their adoption try those “who from abroad criticizes”. “When any political party begins to link up with the Venetian Commission and other votes abroad, it suggests that the desire for power is so great that it negates the interests of citizens and the state”, — said the politician.

Volodin also said that put to a nationwide vote amendment to the Constitution will change a lot in the relations of the state Duma and the government, and now the deputies will have to monitor the quality of work of Ministers, for which they voted. “That is why a huge responsibility lies with the deputies, so the quality of the work must be more”, — said the speaker.

At the same time, said Volodin, “conflict, demagoguery, spectacles needs to go back in time”, will be “more meaningful work”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, for his part, said in an interview on the TV channel “Russia 1” that the political system of the country should be a lot of support points, it should not only rely on the head of state.

“the Political system must evolve along with society, along with government. That is why I proposed an amendment to the Constitution,” said the President. However, he noted that, “as people say, so be it”.