Voting on amendments to the Constitution: word – for CPS

may 30, gathered by the working group on amendments to the Constitution. Pandemic though, and forces her to confer by video conference, but the work on amendments does not stop. These days the members of the group constantly explain the meaning of the changes planned, conducted webinars and video conferencing, and the CEC has conducted the necessary training. And now the results of this work can be assessed according to new polls. As reported by VTSIOM, 93% of the citizens know about the upcoming national vote. The majority intends to participate and support the proposed amendments. Some of them, according to the participants, in fact, already working. As the pandemic has proved the importance of the discussed changes?

Despite the pandemic, the working group did not stop. Amendments to the Constitution discussed remotely. May 30, the intermediate results are summed via videoconference.

“We need to ensure the awareness of citizens, their awareness about the content of the amendments, the main thing is to maintain the level of trust, which initially we were able to achieve in relation to constitutional amendments, because a large part of this is the amendment which was created in collaboration with our citizens,” said co-chair of the working group on preparation of amendments to the basic law taliya khabrieva.

Awareness, according to polls, has already secured. The latest polls showed that the amendment to the Russia they know almost everything, with high rates noted in all age groups. And the vast majority of Russians supported the amendments to the Constitution of 61%.

the Unqualified approval of the citizens is the amendment which says that children are the most important priority of Russian state policy and the state is obliged to provide them with social support. Also the Russians are almost unanimous in their support for changes that provide for mandatory annual indexing of pensions, as well as popthe dressing that the government ensures the availability and quality of care.

Pandemic coronavirus even more convincingly showed how relevant the amendments to the Constitution.

“We do see that logic today a great many decisions of public authorities is already underway in the logic of these amendments. First of all it concerns the decisions that are taken in order to support our citizens, the support of the population”, — said the head of the Federation Council Committee on the legislation Andrey Klishas.

That otherwise could not be, it is important that the Constitution had been amended and had been prescribed a norm of a social orientation of the state.

“In respect of amendments on the health care 95% of those who took part in the discussion, I believe that the health problem is in the first place. On the one hand, very good, on the other, imposes the obligation to do this faster,” — said the President of the National medical chamber Leonid Roshal.

“Life is so ordered that some of the amendments to the basic law, in fact, already started to work in connection with the situation. And this social unit, which, by the way, the citizens have always noticed that we were paying attention, he was in demand. Many of our practices already in one form or another, laid out either in the decrees of the President, or in the Federal laws that we have taken”, — said the Chairman of the Duma Committee on constitutional legislation and state building Pavel Krasheninnikov.

it is Important that the Constitution was a written rule about a social orientation of the state.

Support from citizens find other amendment – that marriage is the Union of man and woman, and nothing else. That the employer may not set the salary below a living wage, the prohibition on the alienation of parts of the territory of Russia. Changes in the fundamental law prepolagayut the ban officials to have dual citizenship or residence permit in another country. And the removal of restrictions for participation in the presidential elections for every citizen, including the incumbent President. The foundations of the Constitution are not affected.

More than a thousand public organizations prepare observers to no one was in doubt the transparency of the process. CEC to hold a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution is technically ready. However, we still need to make sure that everything will be safe from epidemiological point of view.

“We started work on the study, development and creation of additional opportunities and conditions for voting of citizens possible to ensure the safety of their health and the health of members of election commissions”, — said the head of the legal Department of the CEC Sergey Aleshkin.

the working group will continue to inform and raise awareness of the importance and the essence of the amendments to the Constitution.Now all waiting for his word will tell the experts of Rospotrebnadzor.