Vucic proclaimed the victory of SPP in the elections to the Parliament of Serbia

the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic announced the victory of the ruling Serbian progressive party in the last elections to the Parliament.

Sunday, June 21, in Serbia, chose the deputies of Parliament, the representative body of the Autonomous province of Vojvodina and municipal authorities. Had 6 584 376 citizens of Serbia voted to 8.4 thousand sites. The electoral Commission has registered 3.3 thousand local and 111 foreign observers.

According to preliminary data of the electoral Commission, the Serbian progressive party gets 63,35% of the votes, the socialist party of Serbia – 10.67 percent, the unit heads of the municipality of Novi Beograd Alexander Epica – 2.17% of the votes. To date the processed data from 2.32 per cent of the sites. Turnout was 59.4 percent, according to RIA Novosti.

the Other parties get less than 3 percent of the vote needed to enter Parliament. The law also provides for a quota for parties of national minorities – Albanians, Hungarians and Bosniaks (Slavic Muslims).

the Electoral Commission should announce election results not later than 96 hours from the end of voting and 10 days of handing the mandates to the newly elected parliamentarians. For 250 seats in the Serbian Parliament fought 21 unit. Deputies are elected for four years.