in the World, every third vehicle, an SUV. And there is still more to be. This is due to the fact that the coveted SUV-the Form is now also for small vehicles. The Audi Q2 is taken as the entry-level SUV is good, but the sister model, the VW T-Roc is expected to win.

“Nearly 80 percent of the small Compact SUV is currently sold in Europe and China,” said VW Board member for sales Jürgen Stackmann, “is becoming increasingly important for the small SUV to Brazil, India, Russia and the United States also gain. We assume that the annual volume of this small Compact-zoom SUV in the world in the next ten years from today, about 6.4 million units to approximately 10.6 million vehicles.” Of this cake, the T-Roc wants to cut off a large slice.

VW T-Roc: This SUV wants to be. the Golf inherit Fullscreen

The range-topping VW T-Roc 2.0 TSI 4motion cost about 31,000 euros – without any special equipment

©press-inform – the press office of The T-Roc is wider and taller than the VW Golf

The recipe for success is simple: Trendy proportions, stylish Design and an excellent technical base, including the drive, motors, networking, and driver assistance The Design of the T-Roc is fresher and more emotional than the eternal duration of the burner Golf. The at 4.23 metres long, the T-Roc is two inches wider and eight inches higher than his model. But it is much smaller and also cheaper than the Tiguan.

Inside a the famous VW Design. The load volume varies between 445 and 1.290 liters. The offer of space for passengers front and rear is in order. In the case of the engines, it need not be always the high-torque Diesel, the sporty two-liter diesel with 190 PS of power in the 1.5-ton VW T-Roc 2.0 TSI a lot of fun.

To the success of the VW T-Roc should be the prices, he is clearly positioned below the Tiguan. With a moderate standard equipment, it starts with the three-cylinder 115-horsepower gasoline engine with 20.390 Euro. The Top model with 190 HP at a cost of T-Roc sports at least 30,800 respectively Euro. In the processing of the T-Roc is, however, not quite to the premium quality of the Golf.

Together with the smaller T-Cross of the T-Roc is the SUV wave on our roads continue to increase. Volkswagen is prepared for it. The Portuguese factory, can produce in three-shift operation per year and up to 170,000 vehicles.

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