Vyacheslav Volodin: amendments to the Constitution will make the country stronger

a Record turnout and support of the citizens of Russia amendments to the Constitution speaks of the consolidation of our society. It makes the country stronger and the standard of living — above, said the TV channel “Russia 1” the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin. “With this support, which have provided our citizens, the government in the future will be more efficient to develop,” he said.

“Changing the Basic law will raise a new level of health and social services, to change the quality of power and control. This is a new stage of development with higher living standards and obligations to the citizens”, — said Vyacheslav Volodin.

He thanked all the Russians who, despite the pandemic coronavirus, took part in the vote. “It’s worth it”, — said the Chairman of the state Duma.

the Politician said that the country was a very serious stage of formation of the state. “At the same time the basic law was adopted in 1993. Now this time try not to remember. Russia was very weak, did not fulfil social obligations, the country was torn by strife raging war in the Caucasus”, — said the speaker.

Volodin called 90-e years, when “we almost lost the state.” In his view, the line under this time-summed up Vladimir Putin.