Hundreds of thousands of people fled to Germany from Ukraine before the war. Many are now very interested in learning more about the language and culture in this country.

According to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, people who have fled to Germany from the Ukraine are very interested in integration courses for language and culture education.

The Nuremberg-based authority granted more than 80,000 participation rights to people from Ukraine within a few weeks, as the “Welt” (Friday) wrote.

According to this, 17,000 Ukrainians are currently taking part in an integration course. In the coming weeks, the Federal Office expects a sharp increase in the number of courses offered.

Benjamin Beckmann, head of the integration course department, told the newspaper: “We have well-trained participants who learn with great enthusiasm.” According to Beckmann, 95 percent of the refugees from Ukraine can start their integration course directly with the normal language course. It is true that “the whole range of society” comes from Ukraine – i.e. both people with academic training and the unskilled. “But almost all of them have good learning requirements, above all a good school education.”