Warsaw came out on the front line: the trump called the price of friendship for Germany and Poland

Warsaw is to be aware of the costs of obtaining the status of a “frontline state”, including for its security. So the Russian foreign Ministry commented on U.S. plans to shift some troops from Germany to Poland. Sensational decision of the us leader Donald trump announced at a meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda. Why Washington wants to take away their soldiers from a nearby ally and won’t this lead to the redistribution of power in Europe?

When the car of the President of Poland stayed on the porch of the White house, trump clapped her hands. In his understanding Andrzej Duda is the ideal of European policy: he will do whatever he wants in Washington.

“Thank you, Mr. President. It is a privilege and an honor to be here with you” — appealed to the Polish President Andrzej Duda.

“I don’t think we’ve ever been closer to Poland than it is now,” replied the Dude, the President of the United States Donald trump.

On all issues — full understanding, well paid from the Polish side: 2 percent of GDP on defense, $ 4 billion on the purchase of American F-35 fighter, a multibillion-dollar contacts for the supply of liquefied gas from the United States and the construction of a nuclear power plant. Plus boundless hospitality to the American military also at the expense of the Polish budget.

“If anyone asks me if I’m ready for the fact that in Poland transferred more US soldiers, of course, I’m ready,” assured Andrzej Duda.

on Sunday, 28 June 2020, in Poland’s presidential election — a trip to WA part of the election campaign Duda, who represents the nationalists from the party “law and Justice”. He is good but not one hundred percent chance. To maintain a comfortable candidate, trump has a gift: he can’t transfer troops to restore order in the rebellious States, but to transfer them to Poland — no problem.

“We will reduce our troops in Germany. Some will go home, resttion will send to other places, including in Poland,” says Donald trump.

– What’s the signal you send it Russia? – asks the American President a journalist.

“We send a very serious signal to Russia,” — added the President.

For Russia, this signal is not new and, in strategic terms, the deployment of several thousand U.S. troops to the borders of Belarus and Kaliningrad region does not change anything. More interesting trend is the systematic decline in the status of Germany as a strategic ally of the US in Europe.

From July 1, 2020, semi-annual EU presidency passes to Germany. Defence Minister Kramp-of Karrenbauer trying very hard to convince Washington that in this crucial period correct military-political priorities of the European Union will manifest itself in full force.

“For our presidency of the EU — the first and most important goal will be to develop a coordinated strategy on the threat posed by Russia. Russia is an important partner and important neighbour. In Russia wonderful people, but we see the aggressive policy pursued by the Russian leadership,” roll a barrel to Moscow Minister of defence of Germany Annegret Kramp-of Karrenbauer.

This is clearly not what you wanted to hear trump for his anti-Russian strategy in NATO the responsibility of the United States. From Germany, like the rest, he needs a great deal. Know what.

“Germany pays Russia billions of dollars for energy. And I will say this: “What does it all mean? You spend billions of dollars to Russia, and we have to protect you from Russia?” I think this is very bad. And I think people in Germany like it”, thinks the Germans trump.

For Germany, which nullifies nuclear power generation, the rejection of Russian gas in favor of the American clean ruin. Such is the price of friendship, which assigns a trump. At the moment it seems Berlin is exorbitant, and mutual criticism, which he exchanged with Washingtonnom, sounds music to the ears of Duda. In 1938, the division of Czechoslovakia, the Polish nationalists expect to grab a piece. Within this time, and political influence in Europe.

From rags — to-riches. In this direction the poles are very successful, aided by the duality of consciousness of some German politicians of the first echelon. On the one hand, they are not ready to take the destiny of the country and in Europe in private hands, and on the other — and deliver it to others on reasonable terms of rent is not obtained. Poland, from the point of view of industrial, financial and intellectual baggage in the foreseeable future will not become Germany. But the Polonization of Germany is quite possible. And this is what you need to Trump.