In the case of the train, everything will be better. The Supervisory Board and the management Board have been discussing how the company can be made fit. The individual plans are sound, however, like many small band-aid for a big gaping wound. 0 display

transport Minister Andreas Scheuer wants to experience to a “Wow-effect” at the track. We have, however, long ago: Wow, my train doesn’t come/later/fewer cars/overflowing/on the other Track … Well, everyone who regularly takes the train, can some of them tick.

But now everything should be better. The Supervisory Board and the Executive Board discussed two days about how the web can be made to fit. The individual plans sound each makes sense, but in sum they are just a lot of little band-aid for a big gaping wound. We must admit that it seemed to be a system error in the German transport sector is that the Reform of 1994, which has resulted in the Deutsche Bahn AG, has failed. We need a railway reform 2.0.

rail transport in Germany suffers from the fact that the customers and the owner, the Federal government, have different expectations of the Deutsche Bahn. You should use state of the art trains and technology, but cheapest Tickets to offer. It must be a relief for all the life and claims to give, but a simple tariff system. The railway should make a lot of profit, but as any corner in the country starting. In short: The group is to combine the Best of German Federal railway and efficiently led to AG. This Hybridism is not working, we see that since the time of Hartmut Mehdorn’s.

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the cause of this fundamental evil, the never-completed railway reform. Their goal was to break down the German Federal railway, to separate, among other things, operating and Rail from each other, as it will now ask for the Green again, and parts thereof to privatize. But eventually, a policy of courage left. Mehdorn was back whistled.

stayed What is a large group of companies with branches, divisions and subsidiaries that pursue their own goals and that of the whole company, not to worry. To come to these coordination problems, those of German Railways and minor Railways, rail operators and train builders of cars and railway authorities. Because everything was focused on structures that have never become a reality.

Now to think that with billions of syringes, more staff, and more trains have solved the problems, would be a fallacy. The Federation and the Länder will have to decide which path you want. And if the citizen should be train with the best all-round care, then the taxpayers have to accept that every year billions more are due. And the Federal government must create the structures for this path and the group finally on a business model.

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the train Comes up to 90 minutes late, after the presentation of the EU-Parliament, 50 percent of the ticket price will be charged, in case of delays up to two hours to 75 percent. Previously, rail passengers get a quarter of the cost refunded.

source: the WORLD/Isabell Finzel