special envoy to Bangor (Pennsylvania)

Perched in the cab of his combine, where he is to manoeuvre, Jeff Brewer looks at the ears of soybean to disappear in the bowels of a huge machine, while it moves slowly but inexorably through his field in the colours beige, tender drawing long, straight lines that will leave the earth completely harvested. He said that he must hasten, before the rain announced for the next day, “this cursed rain has pissed all summer” and spoiled a good part of the crop, making it unusable, sometimes even for animals. The gear, all automated, which separates the seeds from the stems, grinding the first and through seconds, costing the tidy sum of $ 500,000, but is “essential,” says Jeff. “Of course I love this job, it is for all of my life, otherwise I would have done something else”, said the farmer of 50 years, which is up this Thursday, October at 4: 30 in the morning, “like all the other days”.

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