Deep “Inge” often brings rain and stormy showers at the weekend. In the south of Germany, however, only little of it arrives.

The German Weather Service (DWD) has announced unstable weather with showers and isolated thunderstorms for the long weekend.

“The south tends to be on the sunny side,” said a DWD meteorologist. People there can therefore enjoy the sun a little longer in the coming days and the risk of showers is lower than in the rest of the country.

In addition, it gets a little cooler from day to day: “If today’s holiday is still often around or just over 20 degrees, the 20-degree mark will probably only be cracked in the south and south-west tomorrow and probably not at all on Saturday more », says the weather expert. Only in the course of the next week will things go up again in terms of temperature – summer highs of over 25 degrees are expected again.

Stormy weather in the Northeast

Deep “Inge” brings rain in the northern half on Friday night, but the south hardly gets any of it. While it stays dry there with a few hours of sunshine, windy to stormy showery weather sets in, especially in the north-eastern half. The maximum values ​​there are between 15 and 19 degrees, otherwise 19 to 24 degrees and usually only weak to moderate wind. Storm gusts are also blowing at the sea and in the higher mountains.

On Saturday, temperatures at the 20-degree mark would no longer be possible for the whole country: “In the north you can only get over 15 degrees with difficulty.” Even on the warm Upper Rhine, it should only be enough for 17 or at most 18 degrees. The sky will bring an alternation of cloudy and sunny sections, with short showers and thunderstorms, especially from the north over the middle to around the Bavarian Danube. The fresh north-west wind will also bring strong to stormy gusts in the north-east on Saturday. The sun shines the longest in the south-west and in the foothills of the Alps.

The weekend nights are sometimes quite cold, explains the weather expert. Lows below five degrees are to be expected in the middle and in the south, which should lead to frost, especially in the low mountain ranges. The nights at the beginning of next week are still affected by the drop in temperature.