The new week begins mostly sunny. Occasional thunderstorms and showers are also possible.

The new week starts in Germany in the north-east half and from the edge of the Alps to the Bavarian Forest, initially with showers and brief thunderstorms, before it becomes increasingly clear and dry nationwide in the course of the morning.

Before that, shower-like rainfall and thunderstorms with a risk of heavy rain are expected in the south on Monday night, as the German Weather Service (DWD) announced on Sunday in Offenbach. On Monday, a moderate and at times strong gusty wind will blow in the north. Temperatures rise up to 26 degrees during the day, up to 22 degrees in the northern half.

In the night of Tuesday there are more showers, especially on the North and Baltic Seas. In addition, locally flat fog fields are possible at lows of up to six degrees and in some low mountain valleys up to three degrees, writes the DWD.

On Tuesday the weather in the north will be cloudy with a few showers at up to 21 degrees and in the south mostly sunny and dry with up to 28 degrees. Temperatures will drop to as low as six degrees on Wednesday night. On the following Wednesday the sun will mainly shine with maximum values ​​of up to 31 degrees and up to 24 degrees in the north. In the afternoon, however, there is a low risk of showers and thunderstorms in the Alps, which will subside again during the night.