Heavy rain, gusts of wind and hailstones as big as table tennis balls: Experts predict explosive weather conditions for many regions. Where it can flash and crack in the coming days.

In many regions of Germany, people will have to prepare for severe weather hazards in the coming days. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), there could be heavy rain, heavy gusts of wind and hail in large parts of the country by the weekend, in individual cases the grains can be as big as table tennis balls.

“There is still steam in the boiler, because the weather conditions are not changing,” said a DWD meteorologist in Offenbach. According to the information, the cause of the high risk of thunderstorms is a low-pressure area in the British Isles and a high-pressure area over Eastern Europe. They ensure that moist Mediterranean air is drawn into Germany from the south and south-west.

“Exactly over the country there is an air mass limit, in the area of ​​which there are repeated showers and thunderstorms with an increased potential for severe weather,” explained the meteorologist.

Up to 36 degrees in the east, almost 20 degrees in the west

There are huge temperature differences: while the DWD expected up to 36 degrees for the east on Monday, the values ​​in the west were just over 20 degrees. There was reportedly light rain showers. In the eastern federal states, on the other hand, there were already official warnings of “extreme heat” in the morning.

The DWD also expected the strongest thunderstorms there. On Tuesday, thunderstorms and storms are likely to brew, especially in the southern half, which will then move north on Wednesday night. “On Wednesday it will therefore be quite unstable in almost the entire country with muggy temperatures,” said the weather forecaster.

Accordingly, the showers and sometimes strong thunderstorms will spread northwards in the middle of the week. In the extreme west, and later also in the extreme south-west, it will remain dry. The maximum values ​​fluctuate between 23 and 28 degrees. Rain will return in the west on Thursday. There are heavy showers and thunderstorms at the edge of the Alps and in the middle.