The weather in Germany has switched to midsummer, at least in some regions. However, from Thursday there is also a risk of severe storms. A map shows where this can be expected.

On Thursday, a thunderstorm front with potential for severe weather will cross western and central Germany in particular. According to “”, heavy rain, hail, storm and even hurricane gusts are to be feared, the tornado risk is increased.

The German Weather Service (DWD) has announced heavy thunderstorms with heavy rain of around 20 l/m² and smaller hail and gusts of wind up to 80 km/h for Thursday. Locally, storms with heavy rain of up to 40 l/m² in a short time, hail of up to 3 cm and sometimes heavy gusts of wind or hurricane-like gusts of around 100 km/h are to be expected.

According to “”, the thunderstorms will also move eastwards by night and weaken there. As far as temperatures are concerned, Thursdays are often muggy and warm with highs between 27 and 31 degrees.

Weather in Germany: Enormous amounts of rain possible on Friday

According to the DWD, individual, sometimes heavy thunderstorms with heavy rain of around 20 l/m² as well as smaller hail and gusts of wind up to 80 km/h are to be expected in the north on Friday night. Over the course of the night in the west and southwest there will be renewed showers and thunderstorms in some areas, with heavy rain, squalls and small hail possible. And especially in the west, according to the DWD, individual fog fields with visibility of less than 150 m are possible.

The map shows the forecast for Thursday 19 May. Clicking on the map takes you to the provider “”.

On Friday, a second storm front will bring further storms. “Even the particularly dangerous supercells are possible,” says meteorologist Paul Heger from “”. A supercell is a huge storm cloud that consists of several thunderstorms and in the center of which there is a rotating vortex that can grow into a tornado.

According to “”, the thunderstorms on Friday will bring massive amounts of rain. In extreme cases, 80 liters of rain can fall locally in a “very short time”, predicts Heger. “But it’s also true that you can hardly assess that with such complex systems as what’s going on on Friday.”

Sources: German Weather Service,, “”

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