Hot temperatures, severe showers and thunderstorms: the weather will be varied over the next week.

The German Weather Service (DWD) describes the start of the new week as “warm and humid and thundery”. In addition to hot temperatures of up to 36 degrees on Monday in the eastern half, there are also occasional stormy showers and thunderstorms, as a weather expert from the DWD explained.

Heavy rain – hail – gusts

“The focus of the storms is on the heavy rain,” added the meteorologist. Large amounts of rain can therefore pour down in a small space within a short time – up to 40 liters per square meter in one hour are possible. But hail and heavier gusts of wind up to hurricane-like gusts could also accompany the thunderstorms.

Due to heavy downpours and large hailstones, storms are likely on Monday, especially in the south, the eastern low mountain range and in parts of the middle. With cloudy skies in the north and west and more sun than clouds in the east and south, temperatures will range from 22 to 36 degrees on Monday.

The situation is expected to calm down on Saturday

Heavy downpours, hail and gusts of wind are also reported to accompany the thunderstorms on Tuesday. The south and south-east, the eastern low mountain ranges and the extreme east of Germany are particularly affected during the day – with maximum temperatures between 22 and 28 degrees. The weather expert predicted severe thunderstorms until Friday, and the situation only calmed down a bit on Saturday.

But it’s not just the storms that pose dangers, the heat is still dangerous: “At night it only cools a little below 20 degrees, so there is an increased burden on the circulatory system,” says the DWD meteorologist. People should drink enough and avoid the hot midday sun.