It remains turbulent: After the greatest heat has subsided, thunderstorms can also occur in Germany in the next few days.

The risk of thunderstorms with severe weather potential will remain in parts of Germany in the coming days. After up to 37 degrees at the start of the week, it will at least be a little cooler over the course of the week, the German Weather Service in Offenbach announced on Tuesday.

From the Alps to the Baltic Sea it will be mostly cloudy on Wednesday and there could be showers and sometimes heavy thunderstorms. In the north-west, west and later also in the south-west it will be clear to sunny and it will remain mostly dry. The temperatures are between 23 and 29 degrees.

According to the meteorologists, there are still last showers and isolated thunderstorms in the north-east at the start of Thursday. On the other hand, it will be very cloudy in the extreme west and south-west over the course of the day, and showers and thunderstorms can occur here. This also applies to the edge of the Alps. The temperatures rise to a summery 27 to 32 degrees.

Friday starts mostly overcast, although according to the forecast there could also be storms in the east and south-east. In the west, the clouds loosen up over the course of the day. In the west, temperatures will rise to 20 to 24 degrees, in the east up to 28 degrees, on the Oder and Neisse even up to 30 degrees. According to the meteorologists, it will be very humid. At the weekend, the weather should calm down with a new high pressure area. Only in the south is there still a certain risk of showers and thunderstorms.