A little hotter every day: These are the weather forecast for this week. Sunday night could be tropical. A classic heat wave is not imminent.

Summer heat is returning to Germany this week. It gets warmer almost every day until the expected peak on Saturday with temperatures of up to 36 degrees, reports the German Weather Service (DWD).

On the night of Sunday, the first tropical night of this year is coming up with temperatures above 20 degrees. However, according to the forecast, it won’t stay hot for long. Meteorologist Sebastian Schappert explains that one cannot therefore probably speak of a classic heat wave.

Wednesday can crack the 30 degree mark everywhere

Sunshine and warmth of up to 28 degrees will ensure outdoor pool weather in the southwest as early as Tuesday, while in the north the temperatures are still a moderate 20 degrees with changing clouds and a few showers. A day later it will be sunny there too. Temperatures skyrocket up to 25 degrees.

In the rest of the republic, the 30-degree mark can be cracked on Wednesday, with the Upper Rhine being the warmest. In the afternoon there can be thunderstorms in the Alps, and showers and thunderstorms are also possible on Thursday from the edge of the Alps to the Bavarian Forest. Otherwise, temperatures throughout Germany will remain similar to those of the previous day.