Sunday is likely to be very sunny in many places. At the start of the week the temperatures drop.

The summer weather is as good as over on Monday. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), at the beginning of the new week, showers will be moving across southern Germany and the north-west in particular – and it will be significantly cooler.

“With oh and noisy, the 25-degree mark could just be cracked on the Upper Rhine, in the north it’s not even enough for 20 degrees,” said a DWD meteorologist on Saturday in Offenbach.

Before that, Germany still faces a mostly clear and dry Sunday. According to the information, there can only be occasional short showers in the north-west and east. There the temperatures reach maximum values ​​of up to 25 degrees, in the rest of the country there are locally 30 degrees. From Wednesday it could be summery again. The DWD then expects warm weather with lots of sunshine in the south and some cloud fields in the north.