Polar air lets May end almost like autumn. But from June 1st improvement is in sight.

The summery warm weather is over for the time being. Instead, a touch of autumn is imminent for the weekend. There is even a risk of ground frost locally.

The changeable, cool weather is expected to remain until Tuesday. From Wednesday (June 1) – the meteorological beginning of summer – improvement is in sight, according to the DWD.

The cause of cooling, wind and showers is cold polar air, which flows through Germany from the north. The German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach said maximum temperatures of 13 degrees on the coasts and 19 degrees in the south for Saturday and Sunday.

According to the DWD, fresh, sometimes stormy winds from the north make it appear cooler than the thermometer shows. At night, temperatures drop into the single digits. Ground frost is possible both in the Alps and in the middle of the country.

Saturday seems more suitable for activities than Sunday. Because on Saturday there is a chance that the sun will shine more often between clouds and showers. Sunday is expected to be wetter and cooler. Only the south could end the weekend drier and slightly warmer than the other regions.