The wedding day can’t be too sparkling and elegant enough – or can it? With these bridal jewelry trends 2022, the bride will attract everyone’s attention.

The wedding day is a day that will probably be remembered forever. It is therefore all the more important for many brides to make an eye-catching appearance: the wedding dress, accessories and jewelery should be harmonious. But what will the bridal jewelry trends in 2022 look like? Rather discreet or rather conspicuous?

Bridal jewelry trends 2022: Delicate and classic for the wedding ceremony

Caroline Freisfeld von Brahmfeld

Freisfeld recommends that the bride be allowed to show some colour: “Because it is customary for a bride to always wear something blue, blue details in jewelry are also very appropriate. Whether it’s a strong sapphire, an iridescent tanzanite or an aquamarine, these are the stones of choice to be worn as an earring, pendant or ring.” At the same time, they should be reserved, but still high-quality, in order to draw attention to themselves.

More (bridal) jewelery trends for 2022

“Statement pieces” are not recommended for weddings, but: “In the evening you can of course loosen up the appearance with eye-catching pieces of jewelry,” says the expert. According to Caroline Freisfeld, the guests can also devote themselves to the motto “more is more”. Precisely because we had to forego celebrations in the past two years due to the corona pandemic, it can now be really pompous and conspicuous when it comes to the party.

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