Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner is under the hood for the second time. On Sylt, the 43-year-old married his partner, the political journalist Franca Lehfeldt.

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner and his partner Franca Lehfeldt got married in a civil registry office on Sylt. The FDP politician and the political reporter said yes on Thursday afternoon in the Sylt Museum in Keitum.

After the wedding ceremony, Linder and Lehfeldt stepped in front of the museum and waved to the numerous onlookers and journalists who had been waiting for them. The couple then walked through the museum’s gate, carved from fin whale jawbones, onto the road to their car. Lindner wore a light blue suit, Lehfeldt a cream-colored, off-the-shoulder jumpsuit with a tight top.

Hours earlier, at around 17 degrees and a lot of wind, numerous curious people had gathered on the street and in the garden in front of the museum. The museum was open until late noon, after which a sign was hung on the door – visiting the museum was temporarily restricted due to a wedding.

Those who were still on the premises were asked to leave. The street in front of it also had to be cleared. Police officers stood in front of the crowd of curious people, which consisted mainly of vacationers. Then it was time to wait. Several dozen of the now well over 100 people persevered.

The atmosphere in front of the museum was peaceful – discussions like those on social media, for example about wasting taxes and an inappropriate time for the celebration, did not come up here. The feared and also announced disruptors were not to be seen either. Only some of those waiting expressed a lack of understanding, for example because there was no information about the time of the celebration and the couple had gone through the back entrance to the museum before the wedding.

The civil wedding of Lindner and Lehfeldt was the start of the multi-day wedding celebrations on Sylt. According to information from the German Press Agency, a bachelorette party is to take place on Friday. On Saturday, the couple wants to get married in St. Severin Church in Keitum. Several prominent guests are expected at the celebration, including Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD).

Lindner and Lehfeldt got engaged in autumn 2021

Lehfeldt works as a political reporter for the Welt news channel, which belongs to the Axel Springer media group. It was announced last October that she and Lindner got engaged. “We are overjoyed,” Lehfeldt told the RTL broadcaster, for which she was still working. It will be the second marriage for the 43-year-old Lindner, he was already married to the journalist Dagmar Rosenfeld. Today’s editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper “Die Welt” and Lindner have been married since 2011. Their separation became known in April 2018.

Last year, Lindner also divulged private information in an interview with the magazine “Bunte”. Starting a family with his partner Lehfeldt is very important to him. “Yes, Franca and I have that wish,” he replied when asked how the topic of having a family of their own looked like. His greatest wish in life is “soon to have two, three or four girls or boys.”