Western trends: war monuments and the hunt for white women

In Sweden, in that until recently, a quiet Scandinavian country now getting hot is not in the North. It’s hot in the culture. “News of the week” already talked about the fact that after the demolished monuments remain the pedestals, and they need someone to put. Changing the referenced historical heroes always mean radical cultural recoding. As it happened in Ukraine, where instead of Lenin — the actual Creator of the Ukraine in modern borders on a pedestal perched Nazi war criminal Bandera.

the Transcoding does not always mean progress, that is the rise of the civilizational ladder. Sometimes that barbarism wins enlightened worlds. It happened in Ukraine, it happened in the Roman Empire. There are many examples. It seems that the West now the same thing happens.

So here in Sweden the ex-mayor of the city of umeå Jan Beringa proposed to remove from Stockholm city centre is a monument to the “autocratic despots” king Karl XII, but instead to perpetuate in bronze the “Savior of nature” Greta Thunberg.

While the statue Greta Thunberg is still under discussion, threatened in Sweden was a monument to Carl Linnaeus — the outstanding scientist of the XVIII century and the author of the classification of nature in minerals, plants and animals. Among other things, Carl Linnaeus proposed and the principle of dual Latin names: first the genus, then species. Homo sapiens — the person reasonable. Each type has a certain sample described by scientists – a lectotype. In recognition of the scientist Carl Linnaeus, it is considered a lectotype, that is an exemplary representative of Homo sapiens.

But today, collects signatures, the petition, which accuses Carl Linnaeus in the fact that his principles of classification of all living things “contributed to the notion of Europeans of themselves as a superior race”. Though Linnaeus did not use the concept of “race” and studied the skull, but still believed that Homo sapiens heterogeneous. And when Linnaeus listed the options in the list, the Africans felt.Lis on the bottom line. This sequence could be fatal to the majestic monument of Carl Linnaeus in the Central Park of Stockholm Humlegarden. That is cultural transcoding poses a threat to the standard of Homo sapiens. Symbolic. Looks like the attack against the reasonable from the unreasonable. Aggressive offer to go down to step down.

Under threat in Sweden and the monument to the Dutch of the XVII century entrepreneur Louis de Geer, mounted on the Old town square of norrköping. The author of the monument is the most famous Swedish sculptor Carl Milles. It is Louis de Geer built in Sweden, the first blast furnace for smelting iron, and in General his service to the Kingdom is so great that de Geer called the “father of Swedish industry”. Less in biography was founded, Swedish-African company, which not only transported from Africa ivory and gold, but earned in the slave trade. Yes, in fact, like everyone in that era. And the wealth and luxury of the capitals of France, Spain, Portugal, UK, Netherlands is what sucked from the colonies of local slaves.

If someone wants to find in the past people today with gadgets, a fitness salons, feminists, transgender people and LGBT people at gay pride parades don’t succeed. The life was other in accordance with the stages of evolution. Each era has its heroes. To fight them means to abandon their cultural base, figuratively speaking, to throw your own neck and kick out the stool. To abandon the past is much easier than to explain it by combining with the present.

But what do we see? Instead of explaining, instead of a peace of understanding and mapping-stupid dismantle and surrender. In America the process is most acute. With the overlap and reductio ad absurdum.

That font on the spot strangled, police recidivist George Floyd in Minneapolis. Here it is baptism, or rite of purification. In unsanitary conditions in an era of pandemicI. May take anyone. A lot of these.

it would be more Effective in water, add black ink. The result would be more visible, because black is beutifull. But the idea works. Seriously, now in the U.S. the atmosphere is such that white has no public act of repentance for the fact that they are white, no prospects in life. You either get down on bended knee in sign of guilt and agreement with the revelry of “peaceful violence”, or to make a statement in social networks, a pleasure to join the ranks. In short, everyone is obliged to undergo a purification ritual. To some extent, reminiscent of a party “purge” in the most Orthodox Soviet times. Then in writing the characteristics of the members of the Communist party even mentioned the number of covered “cleaning”. And the more valuable was a member of the party, the more “cleansing” was in his partstazhem. If you are not ready yourself to be cleansed, the activists BLM (“Black lives matter”) will help you.

the man on behalf of the BLM walks around in the streets hunting for white women. His goal is to put them on their knees and repent for the skin color. As you can see, women are so scared they do what they say.

Meanwhile, monuments to the discoverer of America in the United States continue to fall. Dismantled Columbus in San Francisco. The same thing happened in Detroit. And already activists encroach on the monument of Abraham Lincoln in Boston. They do not like what the President, the liberator of slaves, holding out his hand sitting at his feet grateful Negro with torn hands on the chains. The monument is a copy of the emancipation Memorial in Washington. There is worth it. But in Boston already and the mayor for the demolition of the Lincoln.

Thus, in the United States is the cultural clearing of the past. Old movies about Indians banned a long time ago. New not rented is prohibited. Of Columbus from the last wash. The statues of confederates soon not remain at all. Even the portraits of his predecessors, the speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi promptly remove from the building SprinklesOliya.

But I wonder, who are these men? Take a couple of them. Robert hunter of Virginia, the speaker of the house of representatives from 1839 to 1841, when the abolition of slavery in the United States was still more than 20 years. Yes, 20 years later, he became Secretary of state of the Confederate States of America. This is distant history. But will Nancy Pelosi no longer the speaker of such, the portrait gallery of the Capitol.

Another made — Howell Cobb. A veteran of the us parliamentary system. A member of the U.S. house of representatives elected five times as speaker of the house was from 1849 to 1851. Until the abolition of slavery remained more than 10 years. Later, however, Howell Cobb went to the confederates. So to erase the memory and Howell Cobb! It is not a place in the series of portraits!

History in the United States thus seems to be alive, and civil war seemed to break out again. So, in Washington, another Confederate General albert pike fell from the pedestal. It is noteworthy that the monument stood near the headquarters of the police. The figure of the General and torched, but the police did not hurry. When the dress arrived, it was only extinguished the fire, but in relation to vandalism — no action. Trump was furious, but raged only in Twitter: “D.C. Police can’t do their job, they watched the statue pulls down and set on fire. These people should be immediately arrested. A shame for our country!

the Police did not intervene? Where and why did she have to intervene if police officers feel betrayed? In the name of whom and what they are now, as they say, to seek adventure? Much safer to take a knee. But you can wash the feet of the black activist.

In the conditions of inactivity of the police, the subversives and got to the founding fathers of the United States. So, in the Portland (Oregon), the protesters threw the head of the first U.S. President George Washington American flag, then set him on fire, and then blew itself bronze figure, pouring still with red paint. The crown action was the painted figure "1619″ — year of arrival in the United States slaves. Earlier in the Portland demolished the monument to the first settlers and the third U.S. President Thomas Jefferson to author the Declaration of independence.

All acts of vandalism do not count, but it is clear that in the past, all white is bad. At least, good is less and less. Control of the past force captured destroyers that are not configured at creation. If the whole story clear from the bad from today’s position, what to build their own society and on what and on whom to raise children? They explain how everything was bad before? Then where we are today such good come from?

the Face of protest — rapper “Autonomous zones” Seattle Times, nicknamed Simon. He headed the so-called “armed forces” of the zone. Walking around with an AK-47 on his shoulder. Chekhov laws of drama gun on the wall in the first act must fire in the third. And there is no way the gun, and a Kalashnikov rifle. And not on the wall, and in the hands. When it shoots? And what’s the answer? After all, the US world Champions in the number of small arms per capita — 120 guns per hundred people. In these conditions, means the rebellion?

And when inevitably will appear the conservative movement against the devastation of history and the country, that will result in confrontation? Meantime, we see like cultural AIDS — acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Not immune to the destruction of the past, as there is no immunity to recoding the historical, cultural, religious. Decades of hedonistic liberation of the evils of the cult of comfort and a false sense of superiority has brought the same to America, cultural AIDS, when the immune to the riots there.

in the meantime already the us army is disintegrating from the inside. Not only that, the Minister of defense mark Esper showed public disagreement with trump in the use of the army to save the country from the devastating riots, and a dozen military installations, despite protivogaztvie President trump will be renamed. But Trump remains only Twitter.

“Someone suggested that we should be renamed at least 10 of our legendary military bases such as Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Fort hood in Texas, Fort Benning in Georgia, and so on. These monumental and very powerful database became part of the great American heritage and history in wins, victories and freedom. United States of America trained and placed our heroes in these Holy places and won in two world wars,” said trump.

Well, about the win is that they have as always. But in any case, the names of generals of the Confederate names now is not the place. Now they sound worse expletives. Consultations on the renaming has already begun. By the way, according to polls, most Americans — 56% — do not support the renaming of the military bases. But in the current situation voice of the aggressive minority is louder, and therefore more powerful.

by the Way, in Britain almost the same. There got to the statue of Mahatma Gandhi and also require her to tumble down, because Gandhi was “racist” and somehow “sexual predator”, although it is known that Gandhi in his youth took a vow of chastity.

Text: “News of the week”