Wet hair is in: the wet look dominates the catwalk and red carpet. The trend can also be worn in everyday life. How to style the look.

A hairstyle that dominated the catwalks for the 2022 season: the wet look. From Balenciaga to Fendi to Miu Miu, models with wet hair pulled back were seen on the catwalks. The hair trend has also hit the red carpet. Actress Zendaya (25) presented the hairstyle in April 2022 at the party for her series “Euphoria” in Los Angeles.

The wet look, when styled properly, can look incredibly sexy, glamorous and expensive. At the same time, however, one should be aware that the style also radiates a certain hardness and masculinity. The wet look is a daring hair trend that can be surprisingly wearable.

Daring look, surprisingly wearable

Expert Cyndia Harvey explains in an interview with “Vogue” how the somewhat extravagant hairstyle can also work in everyday life. “The key to a cool look is that it feels light,” says the hairstylist, who also shares variations of the wet look on her Instagram channel.

According to her, the wet hair trend is surprisingly versatile. You can either comb the hair back or to the side, tie it in a small, low bun or style the bangs in a wet look. Actress Millie Bobbie Brown (18) showed how this works at the BAFTAS 2022.

When styling, it’s important to use a product that makes hair look wetter than it actually is. A high-gloss serum, for example, is suitable for this. A wide, toothed comb is best for combing.

Perfect look for the holidays

“I think that the wet look is in because people have been locked up for a long time, are bored and want an exciting hairstyle that stands out,” hairstylist Helen Reavey told the online portal “Fashionista”. Reavey works for celebrities such as Harry Styles (28) and Tilda Swinton (61). “The wet look makes people feel like they’ve dressed up and turned into a great personality.”

According to the stylist, the everyday look is best suited for holidays or a long visit to the beach. According to Reavey, the wet look is best suited to women with short hair and is the easiest to style. Apart from that, the look works for every hair type and every hair structure.