The heat waves are coming earlier and more frequently: Spain is sweating and suffering from climate change.

Large parts of Spain will be hit this week by a heat wave that is unusually intense for June. The highest temperatures were predicted for Andalusia in the south of the country. There, the meteorological institute Aemet in Seville and Córdoba expected up to 43 degrees.

But further north, in the capital Madrid or in Zaragoza, it wasn’t exactly cool at 38 to 39 degrees. Up to 35 degrees were expected on the popular holiday island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean.

Even at night there is no real cooling, the temperatures then hardly drop to 20 degrees in large parts of the country – these are so-called tropical nights. There could be a slight relaxation from the weekend when temperatures in the south fall below 40 degrees again.

According to a report in the newspaper “El País”, heat waves are increasing in Spain. They start earlier in the year, are longer, the temperatures are higher and the affected parts of the country are getting larger. The absolute record was measured last August in Montoro in Andalusia: 47.4 degrees. In addition, it had rained too little. Experts attribute this to man-made climate change.