What threatens Elena Baturina confrontation with A1 Michael Friedman

    What threatens Elena Baturina confrontation with A1 Michael Friedman

    the widow of the former mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov Elena Baturina, there is a very dangerous opponent – A1 Mikhail Fridman and his partners. The company intends to recover from Baturina cost 25% of the shares previously belonging to it “Inteko”.

    12 December at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was not crowded. Funeral of former mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov. About an hour before the end of the ceremony with a large bouquet of dark red roses in the temple came the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Speeches did not. Laying flowers, the President hugged Baturina and two daughters, expressed condolences to the rest of the family of Luzhkov and sat next to the widow at the tomb. A few minutes later they were discussing something, Putin then left the temple.

    And two weeks later a member of the consortium “Alfa-group” Mikhail Fridman and his partners the A1 investment company announced the claims to Baturina. As is usually the case with A1, the scheme was non-trivial. The company acquired the claim at 3.25 billion rubles to declared bankrupt older brother Baturina Victor. All it needs creditors to 3.3 billion rubles for Baturin has no such money, but they can be his sister. After studying of materials of business of Victor Baturin, the company concluded that Elena Baturina is in front of my brother’s debt for 25% of shares of JSC “INTECO”, said a representative of A1. The payment will satisfy all the creditors, he said.

    Representative Baturina denies the fact of presence of debts to the Victor, and the actions A1 calls a raider attack. Company Friedman and his partners, do, specialist in corporate wars. However, with the billionaires to fight it is not necessary. Forbes estimated in 2019, as Baturina $1.2 billion For this indicator, the magazine put her on 81-e a place in rating of Russian billionaires, and the first – in the ranking of richest women in the country.

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    Death Luzhkov seriously complicates the position Baturina in the coming confrontation with the A1, says political analyst Alexei Makarkin. It is not a simple businessman. Its state Baturina amassed when they were in power Luzhkov.

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